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Our proposal explores extremes of interrelated scales, from urban geographies through to building and detail qualities. In this process, the design formulates responsiveness to the city contexts, site conditions, architectural sensibilities, as well as structure and materiality, to create social, spatial and timebased habitats and environments. Maintaining our preoccupation with the importance of public space in the art of city making, our proposal considers the value and possibilities of two archetypal urban forms, namely The Square and The Courtyard. As our cities become increasingly defined by privatisation, gated territories, and regulated and controlled environments we will speculate how one might preserve and promote the public realm as a democratic space for gathering, socialising, celebrating, and engaging with public life. Composition is fundamental to our investigations and proposals, we have developed a design repertoire that explores notions of front and back, solid and void, line and fill. The compositions that we propose will often be characterised by opposing conditions – protective or protected, formal or informal, inside or outside. The site is inherently a linear artery and through our interventions, urban compositions and building proposal we will manipulate and play with the existing urban grain to provide opportunities for celebrating public life in the city.

Status: Competition