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Edges And Traces

Focusing on re-stitching the old city fabric with the new fabric by both programmatic and typological means in order to re-invigorate the socio-economic dimension of the whole area. The site is located on the periphery of the city juxtaposed between the new and the old city – it is an edge condition in its own entirety. As the area is undergoing a rapid change from industrial to residential the position acts in the current situation to define the edge, as land use changes around the proposition, it re-defines itself as a new center within the potential high-rise residential area. In redefining the relationship between voids and volumes within the city fabric, the buildings mass frames and enclose public space, increasing the levels of intimacy and creating a more habitable outdoor space, which is a rare occurrence within the city fabric. Kolnos urban condition is composed of large industrial units, apartment blocks to single storey dwellings. There is an extreme shift in scale as a result of these typologies. Therefore, the proposition aims to mediate between these shifts in scale. The form of the building is a series of linear bars which respect the nature of the industrial units. They are located at strategic points within the site – firstly the ruins, then the park edge and then the industrial edge. They act as connecting parts within the differential areas, creating implied links and relationships between these different entities. There is a material continuity between the three volumes and throughout the varying topography of the site, the volumes remain a constant height which allows for a reading of these horizontal planes on approach to the site. The buildings are constructed of a lightweight steel structure wrapped in a translucent membrane skin. It is base upon the principle of diffusing light in order to enhance the relationship between inside and out.