photo © Hasa Architects photo © Hasa Architects


Three concepts are used to reinvigorate the ColArt Installation. They play on the notions of art, in terms of minimalism/display and context. The international language of the art gallery is used as a backdrop to the stall displays.

A stripped back version of the proposed, reduced to a predominantly white space with selected pieces of ColArt products, framed in some way. This has an ironic element while also referencing the advent of minimal art and the international language of the art gallery. Existing glowing boxes will be coated in white painted canvas, obviously the umbrella company uses the prefix ‘Col’ for colour but white and black paints are just as, if not more, integral to painting and art work;

Location: Frankfurt, Germany
Status: Concept Design Installation
Reference: ‘Cretto’ Alberto Burri, ‘Concetto Spaziale Attesa’ Lucio Fontana