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Two Houses, Sussex

HASA Architects has just completed detailed designs for a site in East Sussex. Located in the heart of the Sussex the brief was to create two new houses on a disused site where a derelict workshop once stood. Our response was to create a pair of buildings that looked out onto three courtyards. The volume and mass were informed by the local vernacular and the planning parameters, we selected a dark fumed oak paneling as the cladding that is a locally used material. This ensemble of pitched roofed, timber clad forms creates an abstract but seemingly familiar figure within the landscape. The living spaces of both houses, whilst they have a degree of directionality signified by the shared boundary wall, are permeable and open on all sides to the landscape. The houses step across the site and follow the existing change in levels that exist; the two-floor plates are stepped to furthermore reduce the mass and visual appearance from the street scene. The shared wall connects the two dwellings and forms the three courtyards and the boundary to the site.

Location: Sussex, London
Status: Planning consent
Budget: Private